Coupon & Voucher Redemption Services

Valassis Limited is the UK’s largest coupon and voucher services business, providing innovative and secure solutions for over 300 clients and their thousands of brands. Responsible for handling most of the UK’s coupons and vouchers, Valassis manages at any one time c150,000 live offers and their associated business rules. As a result, Valassis is uniquely positioned to deliver insights on UK consumer promotions and is regularly quoted as an expert in the media. Valassis is actively supporting the market evolution to enable smartphone coupons to be securely redeemed. We provide a proven management service for all discount coupons and vouchers to increase your sales, brand awareness and profit margins. Call or email us to discuss ways we can help your brand marketing campaigns.

Valassis 2013 Redemption Results

  • UK shoppers’ appetite for vouchers has reached new heights, across all demographics
  • Voucher redemption has increased by 35% with 603 million vouchers redeemed in 2013, up from 448 million in 2012
  • The total value of coupons and vouchers redeemed is £1.7billion, approx £64.00 per household over a year
  • Retailer-issued vouchers have driven growth, but manufacturer issued coupons/vouchers are increasing

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