About Us

About Us

Valassis Limited is the UK’s largest coupon and voucher services business, providing innovative and secure solutions for over 300 clients and their thousands of brands. Responsible for handling most of the UK’s coupons and vouchers, Valassis Ltd manages at any one time c.150,000 live offers and their associated business rules.  As a result, we are uniquely positioned to deliver insights on UK consumer promotions and is regularly quoted as an expert in the media.  Valassis is actively supporting the market evolution to enable smartphone vouchers to be securely redeemed.

Valassis is a limited company registered in England. Our registered company number is 03927916, and our registered office is at Weldon House, Corby Gate Business Park, Priors Haw Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 5JG.

Valassis Communications, Inc.is a leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 15,000 advertisers proven and innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share.  By integrating online and offline data combined with powerful insights, Valassis precisely targets its clients’ most valuable shoppers, offering unparalleled reach and scale. 

Valassis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., www.harlandclarke.com.


Valassis subsidiaries include:

Brand.net, a Valassis Digital Company, and NCH Marketing Services, Inc. RedPlum® is its consumer brand. Its signature Have You Seen Me?® program delivers hope to missing children and their families.

For insights on intelligent media delivery, visit www.valassis.com and follow Valassis on Twitter @Valassis.

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