Community Support

Community Support

Valassis Corporate Social Responsibility commitments

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Valassis means we incorporate responsible and ethical principles into everything we do, especially in our community support.  Our CSR programme is designed to demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of the people we employ or work with and our support for communities, charities and the environment wherever we operate.

The practical implementation of CSR can be seen across our operations as follows:

  • Demonstrating ethical, sustainable and socially responsible business operations and procurement
  • Providing a safe, rewarding, fair and equitable business environment for our employees
  • Respecting the rights and diversity of our workforce
    • Complying with relevant legal and local requirements
    • Promoting the health and well-being of our staff
    • Recognising employee contribution through our Loyalty Reward and Recognition programme
    • Continually improving our environmental awareness and best practice environmental management
    • Encouraging community and charitable involvement across our business
    • Supporting development of the ‘next generation’ workface through apprenticeships and work experience programmes.


Valassis Community football in Poland

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