Consumer coupon experience


Consumer coupon experience

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It’s important to understand that consumer experience is key to any promotion’s success. Yes, data does tell us that consumers are willing to sacrifice some level of anonymity and time for the reward of a coupon. In fact, the 2016 RedPlum Purse String Survey cited that 23 percent of shoppers would “do just about anything” in order to get a coupon. However, marketers should use tactics such as email sign ups, survey forms or video views sparingly and focus instead on the consumer’s coupon experience.

By using available shopper marketing data, a marketer can effectively target a coupon to a consumer. If done accurately and within appropriate context, the results can be beneficial to both the consumer and the marketer. By leveraging geographic, demographic and shopper behaviour, the marketer can learn a great deal about a coupon recipient, enabling them to refine and target their coupon campaigns.

As the industry works to make digital coupon delivery more targeted and more mobile-friendly, consumers will benefit from a greatly improved experience. Brands and marketers in turn will benefit from the more intelligent and contextual matching of the right shopper with the right coupon offer.


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