Valassis Digital

Valassis Digital

The way consumers shop is changing…

Shoppers always want to save money. They are shopping more frequently, buying fewer items per basket across more retail brands and formats. Consumers are increasingly controlling the promotions they engage with, meaning that targeted and relevant offers which build engagement and trust are generally welcomed.

Mobile technology is changing the way we plan our shopping and for some, how we shop. Consumers are engaging with brands via social media and through loyalty programmes. Mobile devices are expected to become part of the in-store shopping experience.

Valassis’ digital coupon solutions can influence a consumer wherever they plan, shop and share socially. Powered by state of the art, robust technology, our secure coupon designs support millions of printed coupons annually.

Only Valassis can deliver an end-to-end service from digital coupon set up to settlement – a single point of contact for all coupon matters!

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