CareLink – Customer Care Solution


Introducing CareLink, the innovative customer care solution

CareLink is changing the way customer care teams handle complaints for the better with our new customer complaint fulfilment service.

Valassis has created an innovative solution which enables Customer Service Teams to email secure vouchers instantly to consumers, solving complaints quickly and increasing customer satisfaction.

By allowing customer service teams to send vouchers to consumers instantly over email, the complaint resolution process time is significantly reduced, which in turn greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Using our secure voucher printing technology, the customer is able to print off the personalised coupon which they can use immediately – less waiting for the consumer leaves a positive branding impression.

Try our Print@Home user journey and print coupons for yourself! Visit our DEMO page!

More serious complaints will require high-value vouchers to be sent to the consumer in order to resolve the issue. In this situation, after reassuring the customer, the care team member will enter the customer details into the system which will automatically alert Valassis that a high-value care voucher needs to be sent.

Valassis will then personalise, print and mail a high-value, secure voucher to your consumer within two working days, alongside a personalised template letter which you can provide.

This innovative voucher complaint fulfilment service not only increases your customer satisfaction by ensuring the quick turn-around of complaints, it also ensures that your Customer Care Team will no longer need to keep vouchers in stock – vouchers will never become obsolete.

Securely compensate your valued customers with our Print@Home technology and print fulfilment service, allowing your Consumer Care Team to create unique, personalised vouchers which can be delivered instantly over email or fulfilled and posted by Valassis.

CareLink: Instant compensation, high customer satisfaction

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