CouponGalleries from Valassis open up an exciting new opportunity for Brand Manufacturers and Merchants to deliver coupons online, creating enhanced brand and offer awareness among existing and new customers.

CouponGalleries are easy to integrate into your website and enable your customers to choose their product offers and print these off at their convenience, when they are ready to redeem.

Easy integration and set-up:

  • Valassis or client hosted end-to-end managed service to display coupons on your website
  • APIs for customer login and real time print reporting
  • Full control over print limits, secure printing
  • Configurable title graphics, colours, fonts, columns, sort and filter, social sharing and print options
  • Offer set up through Valassis’ standard service.

User friendly:

  • Easy to navigate: sort, search, filter
  • Coupon wallet retains coupons for later use, particularly when mobile
  • Extend your reach to new audiences with social sharing through Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Login-gated to enable issuers to target coupons 121 to consumers; the relevant coupons are displayed to each user
  • Consumer help page, test print, email support
  • Many promotional features to drive traffic, brand engagement and new customer registrations

Try our gallery user journey and print coupons for yourself! Visit our DEMOS page!


CouponGalleries for merchants

CouponGalleries allow customers to choose their coupons and redeem these at their convenience through ‘print at home’, ‘clip-to-card’ or ‘cash back’.

As well as promoting your own funded offers, there is also the opportunity to publish brand manufacturer funded offers that have been set up through PromoHub™, the Valassis online coupon management system.

Coupon galleries on iPad

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