Omnichannel Redemption VERSO®

Omnichannel Redemption VERSO®

Coupons are primed for an evolutionary leap……

VERSO® is an omnichannel managed software solution for real time redemption decisioning at point of sale (POS). It improves coupon performance and provides a secure platform for smartphone coupons.

VERSO® is an innovation which brings a new level of intelligence to the retailer POS, confirming that the product is purchased and all other conditions of use are met before being accepted and the settlement process being initiated.

3 separate activities are managed by VERSO®

Verso step 1     Verso step 2     Verso step 3

  1. Real time validation via an external database using existing barcodes and POS
  2. Provided the coupon meets all the validation criteria then the POS will accept the coupon
  3. Details are sent back to Valassis in real time in order to trigger a series of events as part of the settlement process

There are many benefits to VERSO®

Verso benefits

  • Can be used for all retail formats including bricks and mortar, e-commerce and mobile commerce
  • Potential fraud is identified at POS before the coupon has been accepted rather than post redemption
  • Offers are set up on Valassis systems and immediately live for validation
  • Enables faster financial settlement

Speed of information

Speed of Information

  • Coupons validated and processed in real time
  • Real time analysis and alerts (e.g. fraud)

Risk management

Risk Management

  • Coupon to basket validation
  • Validates unique offers and stops re-use

Future proofed

Future Proofed

  • Omnichannel Redemption of mobile coupons
  • Valassis development roadmap and investment in place

Cost control

Cost Control

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Proven technology
  • Fast financial settlement




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