Valassis’ end-to-end Print@Home solution makes coupon campaigns easy

Valassis’ Print@Home solution makes it easy for brands to create flexible, digitally distributed coupon campaigns. Our proven and secure Print@Home solution sets the new standard for coupon design for advertiser flexibility and ease, whilst also providing a great customer experience.

Building on over 40 years of coupon expertise, Valassis’ Print@Home solution enables coupon issuers to design their coupons online, determine how they would like the coupons to be distributed (whether by website, social media, email, or blogs), and set appropriate levels of security and print limits. Valassis’ robust Print@Home service delivers millions of prints annually across Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK.

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Extending your coupons online provides new opportunities for creating brand and offer awareness among existing and new customers!




  • Ease and efficiency
  • Control and flexibility
  • Maximise commercial returns
  • Ensures retailer acceptance
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Flexibility around offer placement and delivery.



  • One-time set up for coupon design, distribution & financial settlement
    Dedicated Digital Activation team:

– Flexible campaign parameters
– Online coupon approval
– Create personalised coupons (PIN codes)
– Full control of campaign at any time
– Print and redemption reporting

  • Access to historical coupon forecasting, budgeting & performance
  • Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) compliant standard coupon template with
    anti-copy features
  • Fully branded customer journey
  • Auto-generate branded landing pages and Facebook app
  • Turnkey integration with websites, fan pages, newsletters & email

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