Marketing: in the hands of consumers

Blog, 19 Jul, 2017

Retailers and brands have a powerful channel to distribute digital coupons and loyalty cards via mobile wallets – the consumer themselves. An analysis of Apple Wallet users found that every…

Loyalty is lost as supermarket shopping habits shift

Blog, 12 Jul, 2017

Supermarket loyalty is out of the window. That’s according to our recent survey. Our research, of 2,000 UK shoppers, showed that loyalty to retailers is decreasing, with far fewer people…

Consumer coupon cravings continue – £3.4billion saved through coupons

Blog, 5 Jul, 2017

Shoppers’ coupon cravings continue. Our recent survey shows that almost all consumers use coupons when supermarket shopping (99%), saving a massive £3.4 billion in the 12 months to April 2017….

Is the era of price promotions over?

Blog, 28 Jun, 2017

Is the era of price promotions over? After almost two decades of domination, the age of price promotions appears to be in retreat. Marketers are shifting away from multibuy to…

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