What We Do

What We Do

Valassis Limited is the UK’s largest coupon and voucher services business, providing innovative and secure financial clearing solutions for over 300 clients and their thousands of brands. These include fast moving consumer goods brands, grocery retailers, airlines and publishers.

Responsible for handling most of the UK’s coupons and vouchers, Valassis is uniquely positioned to deliver insights on UK consumer promotions and is regularly quoted as an expert in the media.

Valassis has developed a broad range of quality solutions for companies who issue and accept coupons and its wide client base ensures Valassis is uniquely placed to help manage coupon campaigns efficiently and securely. Clients also benefit from being supported by an experienced and consultative team. When outsourcing the redemption and settlement of digital and paper coupons, Valassis recognise that clients have four key things in mind: managed risk, simplicity, control and value for money.

The solutions developed by Valassis enable both brands and retailers to ensure all the essential ingredients necessary for a successful campaign are addressed at each stage of the coupon cycle.


On behalf of their clients, Valassis manage:

  • A coupon offer masterfile containing details of over 150,000 live campaigns.
  • Timely payments to over 13,000 retailers.
  • Recovery of funds from thousands of brands.
  • A database of 74,000 retailers with timely reimbursement.

Valassis can help brands and retailers:

  • Identify the most effective distribution method to reach the target audience.
  • Set the right offer value to achieve the campaign objectives.
  • Estimate redemptions and forecast the campaign budget.

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