Fraud Control Programme

Fraud Control Programme

Valassis have identified a sharp rise in the number of fraudulent coupons being redeemed at retailers. To combat this Valassis have introduced an enhanced fraud control programme to better protect Clients.

There are six key elements to the fraud control programme:

  • Secure Design & Print – we can help you ensure your coupon meets best practice and where necessary, enhanced security features are incorporated.
  • SmartPIN – Personalised Coupons – using SmartPIN, our proprietary technology solution that enables a unique number to be embedded into a coupon barcode that links to the individual it has been issued to.  Among other things this means that those who persistently photocopy coupons and vouchers can be identified.
  • Retailer Registration – Valassis only accepts and validates claims on behalf of retailers who have passed stringent verification checks.
  • Retailer Communication & Education – Valassis manage communication to retailers regarding their claim, including advising if and why they are not going to be paid.  We also provide major multiples with details and images of high value coupons and vouchers live in the market and make them aware of any fraudulent coupons activity on specific coupons.
  • Systematic Physical Inspection – rigorous physical checks are carried out to help identify evidence of photocopying, counterfeiting, ‘gang cutting’ from unsold newspapers or magazines and other signs of fraud such as excessive amount of a single offer being redeemed. Our experienced staff verify security features, such as checking for proof of purchase or a hologram.
  • Reporting & Payment Management –includes first redemption and maximum redemption alerts, highlighting duplicate SmartPIN coupons redeemed by retailer by store, and details of payments  withheld when a retailer accepts coupons that do not conform to the approved standard or meet the agreed T&Cs.

Fraud Control


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