VAT Reclaim Service

VAT Reclaim Service

Did you know that VAT can be reclaimed back against coupon transactions for the past 4 years?

HMRC have ruled (the Elida Gibbs VAT Ruling in 1996) that companies can claim back the VAT difference for up to 4 years if products were discounted through use of a money-off coupon. This is the difference between VAT on the full retail price of the product and the discounted price if a coupon was used.

Valassis can analyse and extract the last 4 years’ worth of coupon redemption data in the correct format preferred by HMRC to support your claim. We have considerable experience in this area and have helped our clients to reclaim over £6 million.

The Valassis VAT Reclaim Service includes:

  • Analysing up to 4 years’ worth of coupon redemption data from archives
  • Compiling and consolidating the data into a single view format acceptable to HMRC as substantiating evidence of coupons used in retail transactions
  • Applying algorithms to the data to calculate the maximum amount of VAT that can be reclaimed
  • Support and advice on submitting your VAT reclaim.

No win no fee

We are so confident of a successful outcome that we are willing to work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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