Blog | 3 July, 2017


Consumer cravings continue – £3.4billion saved with coupons

Shoppers’ coupon cravings continue. Our recent survey shows that almost all consumers use coupons when supermarket shopping (99%), saving a massive £3.4 billion in the 12 months to April 2017.  However, it seems that coupon distribution isn’t in line with this demand. While the appetite for coupons and vouchers remains high, 41% of consumers report that they receive far fewer than a year ago. The survey’s respondents reported decreases in coupon availability across most of the usual sources, with nearly two thirds (65%) claiming they now receive fewer coupons at till and 35% spot fewer coupons online.

This decrease in coupon visibility could be due to a change in supermarket promotional tactics.  Several grocery retailers have pulled back from using basket price comparisons against other supermarkets, which often resulted in the price difference being printed out as a voucher when checking out. This promotional mechanic has been popular since early 2010, but with the rise of the deep discounters and the need to compete on everyday low prices for household staples, it looks like retailers are not issuing as many of those types of coupons and vouchers and are instead keeping prices consistently low in order to address the competition. The winner in all of this is of course the consumer who benefits from these rock bottom prices.