Blog | 29 April, 2018


A new promotion mechanic for brands – Valassis launches Cashback & Rewards

Brands can directly reward shoppers, merchants and staff with our new payment solution, Cashback & Rewards®. Cashback & Rewards® from Valassis, the UK’s largest coupon and voucher services provider, is a new multi-channel promotional solution that facilitates direct payment between the brand and the promotion’s beneficiary, removing reliance on third parties to fulfil the promotion.

Cashback has significant and broad-reaching promotional applications – research has found that nearly 20 percent of shoppers made a purchase or spent more than planned because of a cashback offer.

Cashback & Rewards® is simple for the shopper: having purchased a product, the shopper inputs their details online along with a picture of the receipt and is then sent a cashback or reward payment. Payment can be delivered via a number of methods – cash, PayPal, cheque or coupon. Rewards can be product samples or entry into a prize draw. This direct fulfilment allows brands to reinforce messages, which often is not possible when fulfilled via a third party.

Cashback & Rewards® can be implemented for any number of target audiences – shoppers, merchants or even staff as an employee benefit. It gives the brand ultimate flexibility by allowing a range of rewards, and can be used for a range of promotional tactics such as product trial, repeat purchase and boosting loyalty. It is also designed to be quick and easy to use with any preferred device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Valassis has worked with brands across Europe to deliver Cashback & Rewards® for products in the pharmaceutical sector, with cashback given to both merchants and shoppers. Now, this service has been launched in the UK.

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