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Valassis is the UK subsidiary of the American multinational Valassis Comunications Inc., the American leader in the design, intelligent supply of media and the execution of promotional marketing campaigns.

Valassis provides more than 58,000 advertisers with innovative solutions to influence consumer shopping

By integrating online and offline data with our knowledge and experience, Valassis identifies clients’ targets, offering unprecedented reach and scale.

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In February 2014, Valassis Inc. was acquired by Harland Clarke Holdings Corporation, a leading global provider of integrated payment systems for financial institutions. The new group, which employs more than 10,000 people worldwide, reached a turnover of more than 3,500 million dollars in 2015.   logo-harland-clarke


Valassis UK:

Valassis Limited is the UK’s largest coupon and voucher services provider performing crucial data management and financial clearing services. Responsible for handling most of the UK’s coupons and vouchers, Valassis Limited is uniquely positioned to deliver insights on UK consumer promotions and is regularly quoted as an expert in the media.
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  • The UK’s largest coupon and voucher services provider

  • Over 40 years’ experience in promotional marketing

  • Campaigns for over 300 clients and their thousands of brands

  • Provides clients with digital & print marketing solutions

It provides coupon clearing services to over 300 consumer companies and their thousands of brands and manages thousands of different campaigns a year.

Discount coupons are accepted by most grocery stores in the UK and now online with Amazon.

Valassis also manages direct consumer campaigns including cashback, chatbot and proximity targeted notifications.

As a result, Valassis occupies a unique position in the market, offering the best advice for promotions in the UK. Valassis plays an active role in the evolution of the market, helping to enable discount coupons to be securely exchanged via smartphone.