Blog | 17 January, 2018


AI and chatbots evolve, continuing to grab headlines in 2018

We expect the AI market will continue to evolve as advertisers increasingly understand how the technology can fit into their customer engagement plans and consumers seek more engaging and convenient brand interactions. Valassis develops chatbots which empower brands to have direct, automated conversations with customers. The key is to deliver relevant messages and engagement through this new media (chatbots, or voice recognition devices) as part of a holistic consumer-centric approach that includes audience understanding, targeting, delivery and measurement.


Good news for U.K. brands looking to take advantage of this trend – there’s considerable consumer appetite for chatbots, with a survey revealing that one third of British shoppers prefer to interact with chatbots rather than human assistants. Of U.K. consumers, one in five (21 percent) would consider purchasing through a chatbot and the overall impression of brands that adopt the technology is positive, with 43 percent perceiving brand adopters as innovative and 30 percent as helpful. The research also revealed that one in five U.K. consumers spend an average of £314.74 via a chatbot with 26-36 year olds willing to spend the most, up to the value of £481.15.


Chatbots are the perfect vehicle to communicate with innovation-hungry customers, particularly when you consider that consumers are using their phones more and more in their daily lives, to help inform their purchase – researching further information or hunting down special offers. Here’s where promotional marketing has a part to play, as brands can tailor special offers, vouchers and coupons to the consumer and encourage further purchases. Valassis works with companies to publish bots to multiple messaging apps such as Messenger, Kik, Slack and Telegram, enabling retailers to connect to their consumers where they already are.