Case Study

Petfood manufacturer earned 9k loyal customers by activating the specialised retail sector

A premium pet health client came to Valassis for help in driving more sales through hard-to-reach vet channel, where recommendation is a key influencer of sales.
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Participating vet stores
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The client wanted their brand and products to be front of mind when vets are recommending to their customers. They wanted to drive sales and connect with buyers to increase lifetime value.
Valassis created three interlinked promotions. Two motivated sales through shopper incentivisation, offering discounts. The third rewarded the vet for their role in the shopper experience.
The vet offers the shopper a free product in return for signing up to a CRM program. If the shopper prefers not to, but is interested in the product the vet offers them a discount to be claimed as cashback by the shopper. In both cases the shopper submits a unique code that identfies the vet. Valassis validate all claims, rewarding the shopper and maintaining a record of sign-ups by each vet, entering them into a reward program.
60% of shoppers signed up to the full scheme.
20% of vets passed the activation target to receive a reward.
The brand has extended this program beyond the initial term due to sales growth.