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Rewarding your team with great product and a great experience, wherever they work

A multi-national brewer relies on Valassis to ensure staff can enjoy the product and become brand ambassadors
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  • Food and Beverage
With more employees working remotely and legislation on product discounts varying across the territory our client came to Valassis for help.
The challenge related to distribution of the allowance and restrictions at point of sale. Our strategy was simple - enable staff to buy like a shopper and apply the discount post-purchase.
A reimbursement process integrated to the HR and benefits experience of the manufacturer. Valassis process all claims and reimbursements, providing record of product received instead of allowance distributed.
The solution has increased access to products for remote staff and reduced issues with redeeming pre-issued vouchers. Employees and employer are accurately assigned the benefit they enjoy/provide reducing financial wastage.