Case Study

Valassis delivered a 70% ROI through intelligent promotions delivered in a package with a new dishwasher

This leading dishwasher detergent brand wanted to grow trial of their hero product with first time dishwasher owners
Incremental sales driven by
6 month campaign
Increased sales of ancillary products through redemption
  • Cleaning Products
This leading dishwashing detergent brand wanted to strengthen it’s market position, fending off competition from new entrants and private-label brands, whilst increasing sales.
Consumers remain loyal in this category so we chose to target new dishwasher owners who’d be open to product recommendations. We identified the opportunity to promote the range of products to extend engagement with the brand in the same promotion.
Leveraging an existing brand partnership with a household appliance manufacturer, we organised for coupon booklets to be delivered in the new dishwashers, alongside a sample pack of products. The booklet consisted of three offers incentivising follow-on purchase of the brand’s hero product and two ancillary products.
All three offers redeemed above category average demonstrating an engaged channel. Of those who purchased the hero product, over 70% went on to make a purchase of an ancillary product. Valassis used unique codes to tie back the redemptions to a dishwasher purchase, strengthening the brands’ knowledge of their customer.