Case Study

Valassis promotions connected a through-the-line media campaign, providing the incentive for 45,000 shoppers to buy product and sign-up with this leading personal care brand

Our client was looking for a way to increase sales of its winter skincare range and create positive brand engagement.
Sales generated through campaign
Visits to campaign website
  • Healthcare
Aimed at a young audience, this leading personal care brand was looking for a proven way to drive take up and sales of its products. We also needed to connect offline and digital media channels with a purchase in a physical store.
We began with a try me free promotion that could be purchased in a selection of stores, but redeemed without requiring retailer action.  To get their money back, shoppers would simply have to tell us who they were.  Then, drawing on the target audience’s love of social media, we used a social competition enabling the shopper to share, extending the reach of the promotion.
Valassis integrated its cashback campaign and online competition into the wider integrated marketing campaign, ensuring consistency across all OOH and digital touchpoints. Leveraging Valassis’ partner network, the offer was also distributed in partner sites generating over 14 million impressions.
The campaign proved a huge success generating over 45,000 sales. The offer drove high engagement with every second visitor to the site taking part in the promotion.