Blog | 3 October, 2018


Compelling promotion mechanic for brands Cashback and Rewards

Brands can directly reward shoppers, merchants and staff with our payment solution, Cashback & RewardsTM. This is a new multi-channel promotional solution that facilitates direct payment between the brand and the promotion’s beneficiary, removing reliance on third parties to fulfil the promotion.

Simply for the shopper

Brands can deliver benefits directly to intended beneficiaries and without involving point of sale, in a way that’s truly simply for the shopper.

Having purchased a product, the shopper inputs their details online along with a picture of the receipt and is then sent a cashback or reward payment. Payment can be delivered via a number of methods – bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or coupon. Rewards can be product samples or entry into a prize draw. This direct fulfilment allows brands to reinforce messages, which often is not possible when fulfilled via a third party.

Flexibility for the brand

Cashback & RewardsTM can be implemented for any number of target audiences – shoppers, merchants or even staff as an employee benefit. It gives the brand ultimate flexibility by allowing a range of rewards, and can be used for a range of promotional tactics such as product trial, repeat purchase, employee rewards, consumer care and boosting loyalty. It is also designed to be quick and easy to use with any preferred device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Digital delivery

Our product is designed to be delivered digitally with promotional and reimbursement carried out via digital channels. This also enables brands to work with the product in countries where couponing is not the norm or in areas which can be hard to reach via traditional distribution methods.

Overall, it’s a flexible and compelling promotional tool to engage shoppers via an easy and seamless customer experience.