Blog | 7 August, 2018


Cross channel marketing – the key to surviving the retail revolution

As challenging as the retail landscape has become, there are basic strategies that retailers can implement to foster more positive results. These are not operational changes, but a new way forward in marketing approach.

Retailers need to re-imagine how to go to market. In today’s “always-connected” environment, integrating a sound digital program into your plan is no longer optional, but rather an essential part of a well-structured marketing plan.

Consider this astounding statistic from the Center for Media Research – 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website for the first time to do something other than make a purchase. Consumers are gathering information – be it researching products, comparing prices, looking for coupons or vouchers, contrasting brands or looking for store hours, locations, maps, offers and more.

Shoppers on smartphones

Consumers look at their smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops frequently throughout the day. In fact, we now spend 1 whole day a week online according to recent news. As a result of this connectivity, they’re exposed to, and engage with, more brand messages than ever before. How to achieve cut through? With consumers receiving such a high volume of information, across so many media touch-points, the only way a retailer can break through is to be where the consumer is, when they are there. Or put another way, via implementation of a well thought out cross-channel marketing approach.

To simplify the concept, it starts with identifying the best customers, then engaging those customers across offline media like print and online media such as smartphones, tablets and home-based devices, with messages that resonate. These can take the form of personalised offerings, such as coupons and vouchers, which are tailored to the individual. The key is to utilise cross-channel marketing to engage that same high-value customer along their purchase journey.