Blog | 30 January, 2018


How to drive success in the retail sector

Experts from Valassis, a leader in activating consumers through intelligent media delivery, share advice on the approach retail marketers need to take in the year ahead.


Become data driven

“To effectively activate consumers, first learn more about their preferences and behaviours,” explains Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis US. “With this in mind, marketers must be more data-driven in 2018, utilising online and offline data and insights to create a holistic view of consumers and meet their needs as well as optimise results.”


Utilise location data to optimise in-store sales.

“We already know that consumers today have their mobile device at the centre of everything they do and mobile has a big influence on in-store purchases. Retailers and marketers should embrace the influence of mobile on the consumer shopping journey and borrow the most relevant mobile moments to reach the right consumers at the right time.”

– Marissa Tarleton, Chief Marketing Officer, RetailMeNot


Stay top of mind with shoppers through relevant touchpoints.

“A big part of driving marketing-led growth in retail is getting into, and remaining part of, consumers’ initial consideration set of brands. To achieve this, deliver relevant messages and engagement through traditional and new media, such as direct mail, coupons and chatbots, as part of a holistic consumer-centric approach. Blend first and third-party data to reach, engage, influence and activate consumers.”

– Nelson Rodenmayer, Vice President, Client Marketing, Valassis