Blog | 19 June, 2018


Fathers are saving-savvy shoppers

Our colleagues at Valassis US have released new research revealing how modern dads shop for consumer packaged goods items.

The study highlights the importance of coupons and deals to fathers, with 93 percent searching for coupons online prior to shopping, compared to 81 percent of all consumers. Interestingly, dads are even more deal-conscious than mums, when it comes to using savings apps. The survey found that 80 percent use a coupon app and 72 percent use a deal comparison app, versus 61 percent and 47 percent of mums, respectively. And, while shopping in-store, 89 percent will switch brands based on a discount notification received on a mobile device – versus 63 percent of all consumers – and 91 percent search for discounts on a mobile device.

Dads seek out both print and digital coupons: 63 percent prefer to download them from the internet to their shopper/loyalty card; 61 percent via the mail or mobile device; and 58 percent look to a newspaper coupon book.

“A lot of marketplace attention is put on mothers as the household shopper and saver, but fathers are an equally important target audience,” said Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis. “Dads want a good deal just as much as mums, and are willing to do the research in order to get one. With these insights, marketers can better understand how and when to influence dads in the shopper journey – both online or in-store.”