Blog | 3 August, 2018


How to attract customers in-store

Supermarket shoppers are increasingly saving savvy and on the hunt for special offers, coupons and promotions to entice them into store – or online.

Aldi and Lidl are fast gaining ground over their much larger competitors – indeed, Aldi recently ranked first place in a UK supermarket satisfaction survey.

While price is certainly a factor, the key tool for any retailer in this battle is loyalty. By building strong loyalty schemes that form part of the wider in-store experience, businesses can drive customer engagement, foster goodwill, and reward the most dedicated shoppers – all to ensure they come back again and again.

The popularity of loyalty schemes is made clear in research conducted by Ecrebo, which found that 85% of shoppers are more likely to shop with a brand if it offers a loyalty scheme, and that shoppers aged 25-34 belong to 2.8 digital loyalty schemes on average. But it’s the substance of these schemes that really matters.

It’s no longer enough to simply present shoppers with generic offers based on their presence in a store. Nowadays, retailers need to think outside the box and personalise their communications to appeal to shoppers on an individual level. Ecrebo’s survey found that 74% of shoppers surveyed in our research said that they are swayed by targeted offers and coupons that are relevant to them.