Blog | 6 February, 2018


Multi channel marketing

Online grocery sales are a booming business, with the eCommerce segment expected to make up 20 percent of all grocery sales by 2025. Many retailers are now seeking to expand their marketing efforts across multiple channels. When trying to connect with consumers or offering them a deal on a product, here are a few things to keep in mind.


—There’s a demand for digital. In fact, a large percentage of large-format supermarket already offer digital coupons to their customers(40 percent),


— Paper coupons are popular, too. 39 percent of shoppers take advantage of them. In fact,old-fashioned coupons remain a highly persuasive method to influencing retail consumers’ buying choices. Surprisingly, nearly 90 percent of millennials actually use paper coupons that come through the mail, and response rates to consumer mailings are up 60 percent from 10 years ago, according to Valassis US.


— One-third, or 32 percent, of customers of large-format grocers would respond to social-sharing efforts mechanisms. Through platforms such as Instagram, for example, grocery brands can promote their products and show what the end results of a successful trip to the supermarket could look like. As Insta’s focus is entirely visual, supermarkets can show appealing recipes and party spreads using products that can be found in their aisles. Retailers can take advantage of other social media platforms too, such as Snapchat. One grocer has even used the platform to document each step of a fish’s journey from sea to market. Still, it should be noted that a whopping 42 percent would not use this feature, so not everyone wants follow a fish’s journey on Snap — at least not yet.