Blog | 3 January, 2018


From online to offline – bridging the gap

A survey by email service provider Mailjet looking at how U.K. consumers respond to emails from the brands they interact with, has interesting results, prompting many marketers to look beyond the smartphone when it comes to promotional campaigns.


Mailjet found that the vast majority of UK consumers (81.3 percent) across all age groups were more likely to use “traditional” types of devices – laptop and desktop computers – to browse emails. When it comes to click-through and purchase, an even larger majority of respondents won’t do so on mobile devices – at least not when they’re intending to convert. Only one in 10 (11 percent) said they are now most likely to buy directly through a mobile device – a comparatively small amount considering over half of the UK population own a smartphone.


This is interesting insight for issuers of print-at-home coupons. In fact, in the U.K. consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands often use print-at-home coupons in their email campaigns as a powerful call to action that helps increase open rates, generate conversion, and bridge the gap from online discovery to offline shopping. With consumers now spending slightly more time with digital media than traditional media, online is a very effective channel for delivering coupons to grocery shoppers, even if consumers convert a digital coupon into a paper version for in-store redemption.


But let’s look to the future. While print at home coupons are effective for reaching the main U.K. household shopper today, the “mobile-first” generation is rapidly becoming a prime target audience for CPG brands. This opens up a whole new array of opportunities. As Mailjet’s survey reveals, 43 percent of respondents have received real-time notifications while shopping or after visiting a store and 58.2 percent of those under 30 expect these type of ‘new wave’ brand interactions.