Blog | 28 October, 2018


Personalisation – a powerful tool in e-commerce

Consumers are arguably the most important stakeholders for the success of any business and there are a number of marketing techniques which can be used – by both brick and mortar retailers and online retailers – to attract new consumers and boost loyalty among existing customers. One of these is personalisation.

The power of personalisation

Personalisation is one of the most effective trends in the e-commerce industry and can be used in many ways to attract and retain consumers, ultimately boosting sales.


Rewarding Brand Ambassadors:

Many consumers buy a product recommended to them by their friends. If you have great products, your customers are likely to tell others about them. Your customers are your own ambassadors – encourage and reward them for this! For instance, you can personalise their shopping experience by rewarding them with discount coupons and codes when other shoppers click and buy your products from the links that they share on the social media.

Offering Discounts Codes and Coupons:

It is worth noting that just as customers do for the brick and mortar stores, online customers “window shop” by browsing your website and purchasing products and subscribing to services that they like. If you know their browsing pattern, you can develop personalised discount coupons.

Tracking Shoppers’ Navigation and Purchase History:

Know what your customers like in order to develop personalisation strategies that will win you more return clients. Therefore, you should incorporate an effective tracking tool in your website to help capture and analyse consumers’ previous purchase history.

Real-Time Engagement:

Using action-based e-commerce personalisation tools to change the items that consumers see on your website based on the actions that they take, such as removing or adding products to the cart, answering surveys and viewing products. Personalised product and service recommendations are likely to help online shoppers to discover items and services faster and increase your e-commerce sales conversions.