Blog | 29 November, 2017


The power of personalisation: using data wisely

Adverts tailored to a viewer’s gender, age, location and even name are to be broadcast in pilot schemes from Britain’s commercial television companies.


Channel 4 and ITV have announced plans to test personalised advertising aimed at people watching scheduled programmes on their TVs at home. The technology allows two households watching the same programme at the same time to be shown different commercials depending on the demographics of the residents.


A younger couple may be presented with a car company’s ad for a sporty hatchback, while a family household with children will see an ad for a people carrier instead. Commercials could also be tweaked depending on the viewer’s location, such as by adding the address of the nearest car dealership, ITV said.


Personalisation is a powerful engagement tool and taps into a trend among shoppers, particularly millennials, who prefer the personal approach. In A data driven society, consumers now expect some pay back – if they have provided data about themselves and their lives, consumers rightly expect retailers to know their preferences and acknowledge this through personalised communications and promotions.


This means retailers must use data wisely, to support loyal customers, through tailored and personalised marketing – be it personalised advertising, offers and coupons.