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First Party Data Capture

Give shoppers a reason to tell you who they are, creating valuable insight and laying the foundations to build valuable relationships

Create value for customers
and competitive advantage for the business

by capturing who is buying your product

Incentivise customers to identify themselves

We’ll help you design the right incentive to convince consumers to tell you who they are.

Remove obstacles

Wherever and whenever they choose to purchase

Capture and convert customers on social, online or in store and drive them to a bespoke branded registration experience.

Gather insight beyond transaction data

Gather zero party data on preferences through the sign-up process and augment this with their transaction data on the customer experience.

Quantify image

Results from Valassis run customer acquisition campaign
Customer records created
Campaign repeated across 4 markets

Drive sign-ups

Our promotions and rewards programmes help brands build their audience and create valuable first party data.

The Valassis Difference

Valassis's intelligent promotions platform enables you to present enticing offers and rewards to drive sign-up to your marketing.

Flexible platform
Whether you want to create a one-off campaign or an ongoing brand destination, we can provide options through our promotions platform.
Custom brand experiences
We can provide standalone solutions or integrate our services into your existing digital estates, all in your brand.
Our platform. Your data.
We process any customer data and pass it straight onto you via APIs or integration.
Safe and secure
Our platform has leading data privacy and security controls built in.

How It Works

Our First Party Data Capture solution is a quick and low cost way to build your first party data.


We’ll work together to define the audience, promotion, eligibility criteria and messaging.


Shoppers will be driven to a simple online experience and encouraged to register and provide additional information required to get their coupon or redeem reimbursement.


Upon sign-up, customers get access to their voucher or reimbursement process. Valassis processes and validates the data in the background, passing all data gathered back to your brand securely.

Case Study

This leading snack provider integrated the Valassis platform into their digital channels to give away a free product, capturing customer details in the process.

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