Close the loop and trigger follow-on experiences

In the journey of a promotion, from publishing to media channels through to redemption at store, the Valassis platform records each step as data processor following all relevant data privacy regulations. These unique records can be accessed by the owners of the data through secure APIs to close the loop on the shopper journey and map the promotion to the individual, if they have registered with you by signing up at your website to receive the promotion, for example.

Data can be integrated to other vendor systems via API to enhance your knowledge of the consumer and enhance your future marketing activities.

User interactions and promotion status can also be accessed and used to trigger follow-on experiences. These can be particularly valuable in CRM and Marketing Automation activities, for example, using redemption behaviour to trigger a follow-on communication (“you bought this, try this”), or to move them into another section of your program (“You didn’t redeem the last offer, would you like to try this one instead?”).