Blog | 20 November, 2017


Seasonal marketing campaigns

A well-thought-out Christmas marketing campaign can propel firms into the wider consciousness – just ask the bosses of John Lewis. The retailer’s adverts seemingly generate more hype with each year that passes, with the launch of the ad highly anticipated. Despite this year’s ad about Moz the Monster drawing a mixed response, an effective Christmas campaign can really resonate at a key season in the retail calendar and in the face of intense market competition.

John Lewis clearly isn’t the only major retailer who agrees. According to the Advertising Association, brands will be spending a record £6bn on Christmas advertising in 2017- it believes spending on ads has jumped nearly 40% in just seven years.

However, an effective Christmas campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be big budget. While not all businesses have the budget that John Lewis possesses, there are elements of its campaign that can be drawn upon.

John Lewis’ adverts are not in-your-face, tinsel-waving productions. They are subtle, they tell a story and generally enhance the brand’s image with what feels like the personal touch. The impact of seasonal events is linked to the feel-good factor. If the feel-good factor is present when customers are faced with seasonal goods, they are more likely to buy them. Successful campaigns are also relatively simple. Don’t bombard yours with stuff that isn’t relevant. Scan the market to see what works, from coupon campaigns to direct mail, and what doesn’t and try something emotive that will really engage with customers or clients.