Blog | 6 November, 2017


Seasonal marketing campaigns

It’s that time of the year again. Summer has been and gone in the blink of an eye, the nights are drawing in and nobody will complain if you put the central heating on. Halloween and Bonfire Night have already taken place and Christmas is now firmly on the horizon – we’re officially at peak retail season!

Seasonal festivities such as these represent a great chance to add a seasonal twist to a marketing campaign and their impact should be underestimated. As many of you will have noticed, the Halloween celebrations become more expansive each year, while a well-thought-out Christmas campaign can propel firms into the wider consciousness.

Tips for a super seasonal marketing campaign

Get planning

We all know people who stock up on Christmas gifts months in advance. A similarly organised approach to your advertising campaign can pay off. Don’t do the marketing equivalent of rushing to the petrol station at 11pm on Christmas Eve and grabbing what’s left on the shelves.

Specially-designed products, coupons or services can also be a great way to tempt an impulse-buy. Customers will be aware that these won’t be available in a few weeks so make them impossible to turn down.

Reuse old ideas

So, you have a seasonal marketing campaign that has worked in the past? Use it again this year. Of course, it would be foolish not to tweak campaigns to account for any changes in customers’ purchasing habits, or recent trends in your sector. But consider this – chances are customers who used your coupon or offer last time around will be eagerly waiting to see if you’ll be offering a similar promotion this year.