Outsourced financial settlement of redeemed coupons

Redemption & Settlement Service for Coupon Issuers

When outsourcing the redemption and settlement of digital and paper coupons, we recognise that our clients have four key things in mind: Managed risk, simplicity, control and value for money.

  • Proven Financial Controls – tracking each coupon through its entire lifecycle, from set up until final payments clear the bank.
  • Expert Loss Prevention – bringing together our people, expertise, processes and technology to manage risk.
  • Comprehensive Information Management providing the tools and information that our clients need to stay informed and in control of what happens to their money.
  • Experienced and Consultative Team – helping our clients to diagnose and address their campaign challenges so that they can manage their promotional spend more effectively.

Redemption & Settlement Service for Retailers

  • When outsourcing management of coupons and vouchers, retailers look for a secure, quick and reliable service. Our solution includes:

    • Comprehensive courier management
    • Store level validation of claims
    • Timely and auditible payments to agreed SLAs
    • Secure storage, document retrieval and destruction
    • Fraud control, including store level redemption analysis
    • Migration from paper to digital, enabling real-time decisioning at point of sale