Blog | 2 October, 2018


Why consumers love coupons

A recent survey (Code Broker) shows that mobile coupons are reaching a “tipping point” over paper coupons and discounts and how retailers can use them to their advantage.

Increase in mobile coupons

Digital and mobile coupons are now nearly as popular as traditional printed coupons. While slightly more than half (53%) of respondents still prefer paper coupons, those preferring mobile coupons have now reached 47%.

Creating “Urgency” with Mobile Coupons

When respondents were asked how likely they would redeem a coupon that was text messaged to them, a whopping 60% said they would use it within a week. Perhaps just as interesting is the fact that 25%, or one in four people, would redeem a coupon they received by text message within just three days. Only 15% said it would take longer than a week to redeem a text messaged coupon.

Type of Coupons Users View as “Valuable”

CodeBroker’s research also provides insight into the type of coupons consumers perceive as having the most value. When asked what type of coupon they would prefer, 77% of respondents said they would rather have a one-time use coupon of more significant value, than a lower value coupon they could use time and again.

Marketing incentives

When asked “Are you more likely to join a retailer’s/brand’s marketing list if you receive an instant coupon as an incentive to join the list?”, an impressive 68% indicated an instant discount would provide enough incentive. That’s a full two-thirds of respondents that are willing to join a list, based on an instant deal.